Designing your Tag or Sticker

Firstly, decide if you would prefer the sticker or tag option. Take a look at our Instagram page or listing pictures for ideas of what you like.

Think about your event theme and style. Stickers can be done in colour whereas the tags are black printing on white, kraft or coloured card.

With sticker designs, I can get ideas by using your invitations or colour scheme and send you some examples - then we can discuss until we get it right. 

With tag designs, I ask you to think about what you’d like it to say - something simple ‘Thank you’ or something cute ‘Mint to Be’ or ‘Love is Sweet’. Look at the Font styles or take a look at and choose a few, give me your wording details/names/dates and I’ll send you some designs.

It might be one of my previous tags or something you’ve seen on Pinterest or somewhere else that I can use for inspiration. Or we can design something just for you!

The options are endless, but working together I find that a design comes together very quickly. Please complete the’ Design Info Form’ on the home page and I’ll be in touch!