Gin Bits botanicals infusion box

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P E R F E C T gift for the gin lover!


Botanicals are what you call pretty much any natural ingredient you can use to flavour gin, such as roots, fruits, seeds, spices, berries, nuts, barks and herbs. The Gin Bits box contains ten beautifully fragrant and colourful options, to garnish or infuse.

Just add the hard stuff and swizzle!

Box includes:
SEVEN x 10cm glass jars with cork containing -
Juniper berries
Wild Hibiscus
Cardamom Pods (5g)
Coriander Seeds
Organic Rose Petals
Pink Peppercorns

TWO x Sealed bags containing -
Dehydrated Orange Slices - approx 15g
Dehydrated Lemon Slice - approx 15g

ONE x Cello bag containing -
Star Anise - approx 5g

PLUS an Explanation card.

Dry gins go well with juniper and citrus.
Floral gins are suited to hibiscus, cassia and rose petals are definitely an appropriate floral.
Spicy gins can be enhanced with cassia, star anise, peppercorns and coriander.
Savoury gins are good with cardamom, rosemary and perhaps even an olive.

* * H A N D C R A F T E D product made in South Australia * * 

Glass is packed in specially designed die cut foam packaging.

**Please advise in the notes if you would like the box wrapped with a note - just marking your order as a gift will not prompt this**

Please allow 3-4 business days for dispatch - even if you have contacted me for express post, as I live remotely.





Small ingredients are a possible choking hazard, use responsibly. Not suitable for children. Possible allergens contained, be aware. Beware of fragile glass. Consume at your own discretion and risk. Some ingredients are contraindicated for pregnancy.

This is a handmade product and as such any differences are Considered part of the character rather than a flaws.


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